January 11, 2012

Update: Alumni Hall construction progresses

The Alumni Hall renovation process is beginning to see some progress.

Phase one of the project, which includes new stairs, brick sidewalks, concrete driveways and new doors, began during winter break.

In the time students were gone, the school awarded the work for the steps to Hein Construction. According to Director of Facility Services Scott Maust, who has been coordinating with design and management throughout the renovation process, they have also been given the task of putting in sewer, storm and domestic water lines.

Local architect Holabird and Root had been rehired before the break, according to a previous article in The Knox Student.

“The local architect and civil engineer are familiar with the area and pretty much right on target with everything weather-driven,” Maust said.

The unseasonably warm weather has become a major advantage in the construction process.

“We’re on borrowed time with the temperature, this time of year it’s pretty much halted,” Maust said, predicting that there would be no more than ten days of working weather left.

Though the construction team is currently pouring walls for stairs “they can stop at any point if the weather goes south,” he said. Many of the bigger projects will be held until spring.

“It’s turning out good. I’m very pleased with their progress,” he said.

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