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Sam Brownson finds merit in losing oneself

Over the break, senior Sam Brownson, a member leader of Poets & Peasants, released an online album of his own.
Brownson considers his album, “The Merit of Losing Oneself,” to be a “journey that I’ve taken in the past 10 years … away from home … trying to establish a home.” The theme of loss and discovery is the “story the album takes.”
The album is an encomium of prerecorded songs that, Brownson said, “I didn’t know what I wanted to do with.”
The songs at the beginning, like “This Town,” a song he wrote at 13, are more upbeat, innocent and young, Brownson said, with a style leaning more towards pop rock. This included songs he felt did not really have a place, like “Christmas in July.” But the middle of the album falls into a sort of “disillusionment,” unveiling darker songs like “The Lottery.” The last two songs are about his mother and father, and coming back to find, “that’s what’s important to me … family is where you find yourself.”
Brownson admits his first EP, “Knaves Turned Honest” — sold in the Knox College Bookstore — was better produced, whereas The “Merit of Losing Oneself” remains more diverse in its “rawness.”
Brownson’s main concern now is writing and recording for Poets & Peasants. He credits junior Jake Hawrylak as being the motivating force behind the band and having a tremendous influence on himself and his songwriting. Maintaining his creative solo projects, Brownson is also designing the music for the Knox College performance of “Twelfth Night” this term.
Brownson has sold between five-10 copies thus far, but said, “My concern is not to sell, but that those songs are away from me [now] … I can move on to something different instead of clinging to them.”
Note: Sam Brownson is a Copy Editor for The Knox Studen

Elizabeth Schult

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