Discourse / Editorials / January 11, 2012

Thoughts from the Embers: Moving forward in 2012

As we begin the year of 2012, we here at The Knox Student look to offer some goals and ambitions for the school and Knox community to move the campus forward and make it stronger for years to come.

While many of us on staff will only be on campus for only a few more months, we believe these goals are important for all students, administrators, professors, future students and alumni. We all should care about maintaining the great tradition that gives Knox its identity.

This year marks the 175th anniversary of the college and the Galesburg community. This anniversary is a great moment to take a new step forward on many accounts. It gives us an opportunity to expand on the Knox-Galesburg relationship and we should not pass this up. This relationship should be built up and maintained and not just a flash in the pan during the anniversary celebrations.

Also, the college and community should not lose the vigor to renovate of Alumni Hall in this coming year. While the exterior of the building seems to be a full-blown construction site, we are still far off from seeing any major change to the building. The building will become something for alumni and current students to be proud of, which will give it greater importance than just a new building and more space for the campus.

It is possible that the campus could grow in size in the coming years. If this possibility is to happen, the infrastructure around campus needs to be examined and fixed. Many academic buildings around campus are aging and starting to hinder the ability of professors to teach. Other services, including health services, counseling and career development, are undersized at the current size of the school and are in desperate need of expansion.

An issue that has been overlooked in the past, but needs to be addressed in the coming year, is the housing on campus. Every year the school faces tight housing around campus and new campus housing needs to be strongly considered to alleviate some of the issues that are prevalent around campus. Updates to the housing around campus will bring more space and hopefully renovate or replace some of the more aging living spaces that cover campus.

While we now have a new president on campus, we will be saying farewell to one of the most important administrators on campus, Dean of the College Lawrence Breitborde. The college should be sure to replace Breitborde with someone of equal caliber and longevity who above all is committed to the school and the student body.

In the coming year, the Knox community should come together under the 175th anniversary celebrations and move forward together as Knox. We all received the letter reading, ‘You are Knox.’ So stick together as a solid community in the coming year, help move the campus into the future and above all keep Knox unique.

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