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SLC discusses dorm decor

The Student Life Committee (SLC) met for the first time this term on Tuesday, Jan. 17 to set some agenda topics for the term, restart discussion on old topics and receive reports from four groups.

Senior John Cusimano gave a report from Interfraternity Council (IFC), announcing events for recruitment in the next two weeks and Council elections at the end of January.

Possible solutions were discussed for the inability of fraternities to rent tables and chairs from building services, and Dean of Students Debbie Southern said she would talk to Director of Facilities Services Scott Maust about a solution.

“Scott Maust will not loan out tables and chairs to fraternities, but every other organization on campus has access. So we are trying to fix that,” Cusimano said.

Assistant Director of Campus Life Kathleen Drake gave a report from Panhellenic Council, announcing the numbers of new members of the sororities that joined at the end of formal recruitment. The total new members was 21 with Pi Beta Phi with eight members, Kappa Kappa Gamma with seven, Delta Delta Delta with five and Alpha Sigma Alpha gaining one.

The Council also updated the total number of members for each sorority being capped at 38 and will review the number again next fall.

Student Senate President senior Gordon Barratt reported to the committee, discussing the turnaround in the Executive Board this term.

“At the moment we are sort of dealing with a big turnaround in Exec. Out of the four officers three of them are different from last term to this term,” Barratt said.

The committee asked about the former idea to switch the email service over to Gmail. Barratt said the idea has been dropped since the departure of Max Galloway-Carson ’11.

“It seems though with my conversations with Steve Hall and Steve Jones that the idea of changing the host is not really a dead issue, it’s one that’s just really isn’t a huge institutional priority right now,” Professor of Theatre and SLC chair Elizabeth Carlin-Metz said. “He anticipates that in the next three years it will become one.”

While setting agenda topics for the term, the Committee set up the tentative date of Feb. 21 to have a draft of a template for Greek organizations to disclose information to SLC, the Knox community and to grow the amount of information between Greek organizations.

“We also want to use this as a way to look at long term assessment of what we are doing and how we can improve that,” Cusimano said.

Most of the meeting involved the discussion of students being allowed to more freely decorate their dorm spaces.

The original idea was to allow students to paint dorm spaces, but a few alternatives were brought up after talk about Maust’s serious concerns about the plan. The alternatives included greater ability to hang items in rooms, paint more public and communal spaces and allow the use of student art in storage.

“I wonder if we might also combine these issues of the rooms and the stockpiles of student art,” SLC faculty member Duane Oldfield said.

The committee passed the discussion to Campus Environment Committee, Maust and Senate’s Resident Quality Committee in hopes that they could set up the parameters and start getting some ideas.

Southern, in her Office of Student Development report, announced the new job post for a Director of International Student Services that would increase coverage of support for international students and pull together the pieces of support currently spread throughout many offices around campus.

“We have needed 12 months’ support. We have only had ten months support for international students. I don’t know if it’s problematic; it’s inconvenient,” Southern said.

Southern also reported on the Founders Day Week events that conclude in an ‘80s themed party for the Knox community on Friday, Feb. 17.

The meeting ended with a discussion of moving International Fair festivities in the following years to stop the art department from needing to move art in the CFA lobby.

SLC meets every Tuesday at 4 p.m. in Borzello Hall 116. Its meetings are open to the public.

John Williams

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