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Surviving a first winter

Imagining a winter without snow can seem downright impossible to people who have lived in Illinois or colder states.

Galesburg, Ill. can have some pretty brutal winters.

Those in the Knox College community who come from warmer climates often did not realize what they were getting into when coming to Knox.

Many are excited to see their first snow, while others dread the possibilities of knee-deep snow drifts and cold winds.

“I was happy and really excited. I ran to the window, and said ‘Look, there’s snow outside!’” freshman Anushree Kedia said when asked what she thought of the snow. She is originally from India, but has also lived in China.

“It did snow in China, but it was nothing like what I’ve seen here. It didn’t stay; it didn’t stick to the ground and it was really watery. Here, you could walk on it. That was really cool,” she said.

Olaloye Oyedotun, a freshman from Nigeria, was ready for his first winter.

“My parents lived in Iowa for awhile, so they told me what to buy,” he said. He did say he had seen artificial snow before, but never expected it to be like it was. When asked what his worst experience with the weather was, he explained that “the only thing I didn’t like was the wind. The wind was awful.”

Others really would prefer the snow not come at all. Freshman Sa’Misty Utley, who came from Houston, Texas, said with a grimace, “It looks nice, but it’s kind of a nuisance to deal with.”

Unlike Kedia, Utley never saw snow at all. When asked what winter was like in Texas, she said, “Pretty much like fall is here. Either kind of chilly in 30s, 40s, or it can be in the 70s.”

was not really ready for the below zero degrees it reached this year.

Utley had also heard quite a bit around campus about last year’s storm and first snow day since 1999. Her biggest worry about the snow was “that I would die from Snowpocalyspe return.”

Junior Lily Mcgarr, from California, also went through her first winter at Knox College.

“The first time wasn’t that bad. I enjoyed seeing it fall. The only thing I didn’t like was slipping,” she said with a laugh. She remembered her sophomore year, infamously known as the Snowpocalypse, as her worst experience with snow.

“I remember asking why snow does this. I also put my hand in the snow, and it was really cold,” she said.

Though this year has not seen a Snowpocalypse yet, and though there was only snow for a little while, college is a place for new experiences. To all of the Knox College students who experienced their first snow here on Knox’s campus, congratulations on your first white winter.

Teresa Simpson

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