Columns / Discourse / January 25, 2012

TKS editors give advice

Many Knox students struggled last week as Wikipedia went black for a day in protest of SOPA legislation being considered in Congress. In light of this, TKS editors respond to the question:

What would you do if Wikipedia permanently went offline?

“Cry.”-Jackson White, Sports Editor

“Use the second hit on Google.”-Michelle Orr, Photo Editor

“There would be a nice set of Encyclopedia Brittannicas in my room.”-John Williams, Editor-in-Chief

“Use valid research.”-Samantha Paul, Copy Editor

“I would have to work very hard to find a basic overview of information on a topic.”-Anna Meier, News Editor

“Use books like real people.”-Katy Sutcliffe, Mosaic Editor

“Send blue Jedi koalas to blow down the world.”-Elizabeth Schult, Copy Editor

“Use my Google research skills.”-Sheena Leano, Managing Editor

“It would be unfortunate, but I guess we could find some sort of replacement.”-Carina Tran, Photo Editor

“Quietly move on with my life.”-Charlie Gorney, News Editor

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