February 1, 2012

GQ nears local fraternity status

After a long journey of investigation, decisions and paperwork, the Gentlemen of Quality (GQ) are almost a fraternity.

“It still hasn’t sunk in yet,” senior and GQ President Marcos Moreno said.

After the group decided not to nationalize with the group Psi Sigma Phi last year, the Student Life Committee created a task force that outlined the steps local colonies should take to become a local colony and the Gentleman of Quality have been working their way down the list ever since.

Although the taskforce chair and Assistant Director of Campus Life Kathleen Drake said that there “is no real deadline” for the process, she said that the colony hopes to finish the process by the end of the year.

Senior and GQ Vice President David Aken said that the process has meant “a lot of decision making.”

Aken was happy with the support the colony has received from the college administration.

“They seem to like us,” Aken said. “We don’t cause a lot of trouble.”

The group has already finished most of the work that it takes to become a fraternity, which includes picking a council of advisors, creating a financial account and creating the documents, which will eventually guide the fraternity.

However, they still need to file for a 501(c)(7) — a fraternity tax exemption — and purchase an insurance plan. After that, they just need to present their work to SLC and the deans to prove that they have completed the steps to become a local fraternity.

They hope to send in the 501(c)(7) by the end of the term, but since it can take 120 days for the form to be processed, the colony is hoping that the form’s submission will be enough to satisfy that particular step on the checklist.

Drake said the Gentlemen built their documentation “from scratch,” but they were able to use their colony documents and the documents of the other Greek organizations on campus to help them build theirs. Since the group has been an operating colony for years, they had a good deal of the work done already.

They have picked an advisor, who was a member of a local fraternity himself when he was in college. The group has even chosen the Greek letters that will identify them after they localize, but the Gentlemen will not reveal their letters until they finish the localization process.

Unlike colonies that choose to nationalize, the Gentlemen of Quality were able to choose letters that represent who they are.

“That’s kind of the fun part for them after all the hard work,” Drake said.

The group met to discuss possible letters, then presented three options to Drake, who then checked to make sure that the letters had not already been taken by another Greek organization. Two of the choices were approved.

The group voted on the two remaining choices, and according to Moreno, the vote was unanimous.

According to Moreno, the Gentlemen are excited about the future.

“It is great to be working with such great guys,” Moreno said. “Everybody is looking forward to the next big step.”

Aken is looking forward to making the colony a more permanent part of the Knox community, so he can come back years later and “see future generations of Gentlemen.”

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