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Gizmo Quizmo for the week of Feb. 2-8

Every week, on Wednesday night, the Gizmo Quizmo is given out in the Gizmo. These are the questions, with the percentage of students who answered correctly in bold. This week the Quizmo was sexual health-themed and presented by Advocates for Choice.

1. Which month has the highest conception rate? 33%

2. During which month are the most pregnancy tests sold? 22%

3. True or false: Semen can trigger a change in the pH level in a woman’s vagina. 55%

4. How many U.S. states require a woman to undergo counseling before having an abortion? 33%

5. Counselling sessions for women prior to their abortion may include which of the following:

A) The link between abortion and breast cancer

B) Ability of a fetus to feel pain

C) Mental health consequences of abortion

D) All of the above

6. Which previous presidential candidate said: “Here on our watch, we will stand, we will stand for life, we will never forget, we will never give up, and next year, we will gather in a day of celebration when we have finally ended abortion in this all important election? 44%

7. Name four different materials that condoms can be made out of. 55%

8. Which kind of sex education does Galesburg High School promote? 22%

9. Which state has the highest teen pregnancy rate? 22%

10. How many calories do you burn during 30 minutes of sex? 22%

11. True or false: Knox College will pay for one free visit to the Family Planning Clinic in town. 66%

High Score: 5 (Angie Ostaszewski ’12, Jess Oakley ’15)

Average Score: 3

Best Answer: #4, “glitter, rainbows, unicorn blood and good vodka” (Sinead Wainwright ’14)

Correct answers: 1-December, 2-March, 3-True, 4-Seventeen, 5-D-All of the above, 6-Michele Bachmann, 7-Latex, Lambskin, Polyurethane, Polyisoprene, 8-Abstinence-only , 9-Nevada, 10-two hundred, 11-True

Advocates for Choice

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