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Senate amends bylaws

Student Senate approved an amendment to its bylaws at last Thursday’s meeting in a move designed to avoid too many vacancies in Senate.

The proposed change to Senate’s bylaws stated that in order to be eligible to run, officers and committee chairs must be on campus for all three terms of their year of service.

The overall opinion seemed to be that it was an uncontroversial and beneficial change. Senate agreed it had goals for the whole year in mind, as well as long-term and short. It was decided that if executive members are not there all year, then they are not thinking about long-term goals.

When called to question, the issue of family emergencies was brought up. It was agreed that if one wanted to run for Senate, one should plan to be on campus all year. The motion passed by unanimous consent with one “nay.”

In other Senate business, junior Jordan Durrett was confirmed as an interim senator for junior Jill Krippel, who has an athletic commitment. This was the second interim senator confirmation this term.

“I think that since I live with Senator Krippel, I can get up to speed on everything, and I understand her views,” Durrett said to the assembly before she was confirmed. “I’m a good listener and can take other people’s opinions into account. I also think I have some pretty good opinions myself.”

At the end of the meeting, it was announced that sophomore Eli Mulhausen had won the special election for Senate secretary.

Senate committee reports

Finance ­ The Finance Committee approved $4,600 for a Terpsichore Dance Collective week-long residency with Aerial Chicago. They also approved $944.99 for Common Ground’s “Everything Your Parents Didn’t Want You to Know About Sex,” $80 for Amnesty International’s “Get to Know Amnesty International” and $81.64 for the Women’s Chorale Broadway Revue.

Special Meeting on the Use of the Restricted Fund (SMURF) — SMURF had gamers pick out X-Box and PlayStation 3 games for the Taylor Student Lounge. Seven games were purchased at a total of $261.35. There was discussion on how much is actually in the restricted fund: a total of $129,000 with $50,000 set aside in the event of under-enrollment, so there is $79,000 to spend.

Sustainability — Chair sophomore Max Potthoff mentioned that drying racks have come in and that a sustainability coordinator will be hired and paid for in part through the Green Fee. This employee will start July 1.

Dining Services — Chair junior Kaitlyn Duling said there will be new signs saying “includes pork” on items with pork in them. The committee is also investigating new hot sauces for the cafeteria.

Residential Quality of Life — Chair senior Ellen Jackson said that they are considering ways to modify student rooms.

Safety and Services — The committee is working with Advocates for Choice on hosting campus HIV testing. They are also seeking suggestions on what to investigate.

Technology — It was mentioned that the Digi-Sign Board idea was taken over by two faculty members and that the cable lineup will remain the same. Somebody will be meeting with Information Technology Services concerning getting Linux machines in Founders.

Faculty committee reports

Diversity — The committee is currently assessing Freshman Preceptorial.

Teresa Simpson

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