February 8, 2012

Celebrate the mundane

Winter break is over and with it all the major holidays. To quench your thirst for revelry, here is a (sarcastic) list of holidays in the coming months until summer and some suggestions for your own festive day.

February 23 — International
Dog Biscuit Appreciation Day
Love feeding your dog? This day is your chance to learn what you’ve been missing out on with all their tasty treats. Buy a box of MilkBones at the store for meal times on this holiday. For best-tasting results dip the treats in coffee, cocoa or tea — like biscotti! Your friends probably don’t know this holiday exists so to get them started why not send them some delicious chocolate-dipped dog treats? Don’t leave your dog out of the fun either. There has never been a better day to spoil your canine rotten!

March 26 — Make Up Your Own Holiday Day
Is there something you love that you think deserves a day of celebration? Need an excuse to do something ridiculous? Knox students shouldn’t have a problem with doing it anyway but if you need an excuse to act like a princess, eat only pretzels, walk on your hands or say everything backwards, then March 26 is your chance! Anything goes on this holiday, but be sure to still obey the law because Everything You Do is Right Day will have already happened on the 16th.

April 20 — Look Alike Day
This is the day when you pick someone, anyone, and dress up just like them. For best results, choose a friend on campus and don’t tell them beforehand. On the morning of Look Alike Day they’ll either be really flattered or incredibly creeped out — or perhaps a bit of both. And odds are you know what a large percentage of students already do on this day. Perhaps borrow some of your stoner friend’s clothes without permission. Seriously, guys, this is one of the best times of the year to mess with them.

May 4 — No Pants Day
Here’s your chance to finally drop your drawers in public and not feel ashamed! (though skirts and kilts are still acceptable as technically they are not pants). Drop your dungarees and embrace the breeze … everyone is doing it! A great way to remind your roommate of this holiday is to steal all their pants and hide them the night before. Be careful not to tell them it was you who took their trousers — they could be extremely angry at first. However, once they start their day pants-less they will be grateful to whoever forced them into the No Pants Day spirit.
*Tip: While it is “No Pants” day, the wearing of underwear is still highly encouraged on this holiday.

June 6 — National Yo-Yo Day
“Yo, yo!” is the best way to greet friends on this American holiday. Don’t be caught without a yo-yo in your hand, or maybe one in each! “The Klutz Yo-Yo Book” has dozens of tricks for any yo-yo enthusiast. Be sure to get your hands on a copy today so you won’t be caught without a trick! If you’re experienced in the art of yo, try to have an entire conversation with a fellow trick-master using only your yo-yo and your mad skills.

Camille Brown
Camille Brown is a junior majoring in English literature and double minoring in educational policy and journalism. Previously, she served as editor-in-chief of her high school paper and a reporter for TKS. She spent the summer of 2012 freelancing for The Peninsula Gateway and is currently pursuing an independent study concerning the media’s influence on education.

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