February 8, 2012

Surviving V-Day: A how-to for single students

Singlehood: a chance to figure out who you are, the freedom to do whatever the heck you want, the ability to cuddle up with someone on Valenti — oh wait, except not.
This upcoming day of love commonly referred to as Valentine’s Day, is one that is often bemoaned by singles everywhere as a greeting card holiday, a stupid holiday or a holiday that isn’t even real. (Those who complain that it is a holiday devoted solely to chocolate sales should not be complaining at all.) Once a year, we singles must prepare to do battle when going to any chain store ever, fighting our way through the giant $40 teddy bears, the poly-blend lingerie and the gag-worthy greeting cards covered in hearts and glitter.
But, alas! There is hope. Proceeding is a guide for surviving — and, maybe, just maybe, enjoying — this middle-of-February reminder of singlehood.

Indulge yourself
If this day is supposed to be about love, then show yourself some: take a bath (if you are so lucky as to have a bathtub), splurge on that online find you’ve been ogling or even just spend the entire day in pajamas simply because you can. You’re not responsible for making anyone happy but yourself.

Because sometimes it’s necessary. Let yourself be as angsty as you want. Rant to friends or a journal; have a little too much Keystone and drunk-dial your ex or yell. Just yell. A lot. Let it turn into roaring, even. Get all of your anti-singlehood sentiments out, and then call it a night at 10 p.m.

Do something fun with friends
They’re there for a reason. Have all the singles get together and do something silly or completely unrelated to this day-that-shall-not-be-named.

Send out Valentines cards like you did in elementary school
They come in every theme imaginable these days — princesses, puppies, Transformers etc. — and most of them are totally tricked-out with stickers, tattoos, sticky hands and candy. And, magically, they’re still incredibly cheap. Stalk the campus directory and send them to your friends or maybe that one kid you posted about on LikeaLittle. Everyone still loves these things.

Act like a kid again
Get Lunchables from the C-store, make a fort in the middle of your room and watch The “Little Rascals” in your pajamas, all without the classic implications of “Hey, let’s watch a movie.”

Be sad
If you’ve just been through a breakup, if you’re involved in an unrequited love or if you’re simply feeling lonely, you might just need to allow yourself a pity party. Listen to Jeff Buckley’s “Hallelujah,” and cry alone in your room. You’ll feel better come Feb. 15th .

Do something new
Never been to Q’s Café? Go there for lunch. Never mastered the creation of a paper crane? Watch YouTube videos and learn how to do so. You don’t need someone to enjoy your experiences with you. Besides, doing new things is all a part of that whole figuring out who you are and doing-whatever-you-want-thing.

With all that being said, Valentine’s Day can now be less #foreveralone and more #megusta. From the depths of a jumbo-size tub of cheese balls with “Sin City” playing in the background, this writer bids you all a Happy Awesome Singles Are Awesome Day.

Chelsea Embree
Chelsea Embree is a senior majoring in creative writing and minoring in art history. She previously served as co-mosaic editor and as an arts and features reporter for TKS. During the summer of 2013, she served as a content intern at The St. Louis Beacon. Chelsea has studied under former Random House copy chief Sean Mills and taught writing as a teaching assistant for First-Year Preceptorial. An avid blogger, she has written extensively about youth in St. Louis and maintains a lively poetry and nonfiction blog on Tumblr. She is also the director of communications for Mortar Board and co-president of Terpsichore Dance Collective.

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