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Letters to the Editor: Response to ‘Student to face drug charges’

Dear Editor,

The fraternity of Phi Gamma Delta would like to take this opportunity to release a statement regarding our chapter’s mention in the TKS report of the Dec. 7 arrest. At the time of the arrest, Cuthbert was not registered to be living in the chapter house and is now no longer a member of the Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI) fraternity.

While the chapter was unaware of the activity that was taking place over winter break, we nevertheless took time — with help from FIJI international — to revisit and restructure our risk management policies and our chapter goals to better reflect the culture of our house.

Since the beginning of the term, we have made a number of positive internal changes that are essentially unrelated to the incident that happened over winter break; these changes are sure to benefit both the chapter and the campus body as a whole. We are a diverse, successful and close brotherhood and collectively we have a bright and promising future ahead of us. We simply wanted to ensure that as a chapter we were doing our absolute best to continue our prominent legacy at Knox.

By taking a few extra weeks to better organize our house, our policies and ourselves, we now feel better prepared both to accept new members and to continue to demonstrate the excellence of Phi Gamma Delta here at Knox. We would like to thank both the Knox administration and the Inter-Fraternity Council for their support and assistance in helping us address this issue.

In closing, I do want to remind the campus body as a whole that a person cannot and should not be defined by the actions or mistakes that they make, even if they are not condoned. As students, we are at a time in our lives that provides us with a tremendous opportunity for growth and learning both inside and outside the classroom. While Cuthbert will have to deal with the consequences of his actions and is now no longer a member of our fraternity, as former brothers we will all continue to give him our love and support while he deals with this very difficult situation. I charge others on campus to always keep this in mind and hopefully do the same.

Brann Gallagher ’12

President, Phi Gamma Delta (FIJI)

Brann Gallagher

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