February 15, 2012

Let the games be-Lin

Just when you thought you would never see a more unlikely story than Tim Tebow, Jeremy Lin had to go and spoil it.
If you haven’t heard by now, Lin, a twice released former D-Leaguer with an economics degree from Harvard has rejuvenated a stagnant New York Knicks franchise by putting up numbers that the league has never seen before. He has gone from complete obscurity to taking down the Lakers and hitting game-winning threes.
Averaging over 25 points while dishing out eight assists per game, Lin has taken advantage of the fast style of play preferred by Knicks head coach Mark D’Antoni, drawing comparisons to likes of Steve Nash and Chris Paul.
Not only has his impact been seen on the court, but off the court his persona has grown to that of a cult hero.
As an Asian American, Lin has reinvigorated the NBA’s presence in foreign markets, which had weakened since the retirement of former Houston Rockets center Yao Ming. His jerseys are flying off the shelves, Jeremy Lin tribute videos plague the blogosphere and Linsanity has brought the art of making puns to a new level.
All of this within the span of one week.
But rather than joining the bandwagon of fair-weather fans or believing that this is a temporary trend rather than a sign of things to come, I am choosing to take a third and less partisan option. Just sit back and watch.
Usually I will pick a side on issues like these, but with an admittedly apathetic view toward professional basketball; I honestly do not care either way what happens to Linsanity from here on out. If he continues to play at an extremely high level and eventually becomes a continual All-Star selection, fine. If he fizzes out after one month of impressive play and soon returns to third on the depth chart, also fine. The kid has demonstrated some serious skills, but opponents may eventually figure him out.
At this point I am just happy that something other than the Chicago Bulls or Blake Griffin has given me a reason to watch basketball, so I say let the games be-Lin.
(All right even I couldn’t avoid a pun.)

Jackson White
Jackson White is a senior double majoring in political science and secondary education. This is his third year as a sports editor for TKS. Over the course of the 2010-2011 academic year, Jackson worked for cornbeltbaseball.com, writing feature stories and columns about high school and college baseball in central Illinois. Outside of the Publications Office, he is an information assistant for the Knox College Sports Information Department and a two-time all-Midwest Conference baseball player. Jackson is the recipient of five awards from the Illinois College Press Association, including two first place awards for sports game coverage and sports page design.

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