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Festival dreams in chocolate

Anyone who has ever drooled over the chocolate scenes in “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory” could have a sweet adventure of his or her own this past weekend.

Hosted by the Galesburg Historical Society, Galesburg’s Chocolate Festival offered visitors an opportunity to eat all the chocolate they could consume. For just $8, even the most serious of chocolate addicts could satisfy their love of cacao, with treats ranging from truffles to chocolate bread pudding to French silk pie.

Senior Charli Smith has attended the Chocolate Festival for three out of the past four years and called it one of her favorite Galesburg events.

“I love going to it because it’s a different view of Galesburg than you usually see at Knox,” she said. “You get a chance to talk to people for a greater amount of time than usual. Plus, it’s a lot of fun.”

Smith’s favorite dessert at the event was the chocolate cheesecake, although she tried a wide variety of other goodies as well.

“It’s so much food. I was sick for the rest of the day, but it was worth it,” she said.

The festival is currently in its 26th year and serves as an annual fundraiser for the Galesburg Historical Society. Held on the top floor of the Antique Mall, guests climbed three flights of stairs and turned the corner to reveal a room lined with tables sagging under the weight of various chocolate delights. In the center of the room, a four-tiered fountain poured a steady stream of liquid chocolate. It was one of the most popular tables in the room, constantly surrounded by a stream of people dipping pound cake, strawberries and shortbread cookies into the sugary stream.

However, the chocolate was not limited to just the food. A giant chocolate rooster and a chocolate set of luggage provided appropriate décor for the event. A chocolate punch was also available.

While some of the chocolate at the celebration is donated by local businesses, many of the treats are donated by local volunteers as a way to support the society. The event was staffed mainly by society volunteers, but several Knox students helped out at the festival as well. A harpist provided entertainment and atmosphere to the festivities.

Some of the many types of chocolate available:

French silk pie

Orange chocolate truffles

Chocolate punch

Chocolate bread pudding

Oreo pie

Chocolate bacon

Chocolate waffles

Vanilla chocolate popcorn

Chocolate fountain

Chocolate chili

Chocolate cheesecake

Chocolate cheese-ball

Q’s Brownies

Fudge (peanut butter and mint)

Katy Sutcliffe

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