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Getting music, no matter how

While college students often have voracious music appetites, their cash flow isn’t always equal to purchasing the works of all their favorites band. For some, this means a lesson in patience. Others, however, revert to alternative methods.

“I don’t feel bad about downloading the big star’s music,” one freshman, who wished to remain anonymous, said. He/she did admit, however, to feeling slightly guilty about not paying for the works of lesser-known artists.

“I would pay for it if I had a job,” he/she said.

This was a common view among the Knox student population. Many students felt that, with so much of their money already going toward tuition, they were justified in getting music any way they could.

Other students, however, did care about illegal downloads, regardless of the artist or genre. Several of these students said they instead purchase from music store devices such as Zune or iTunes. GrooveShark was also a popular website.

“Occasionally, I’ll buy CDs, or buy it online … if I do buy it,” junior Elizabeth Woodyard said.

Although many students have started purchasing and downloading online, CDs do still have some use.

“I burn CDs from my friends all the time,” freshman Maddie Mondeaux said.

When considering whether or not to download, Mondeaux tried to put herself in the shoes of musicians.

“I play some piano, and I’d probably be kind of annoyed if someone was downloading my music and not paying for it,” she said.

Woodyard has also spent time considering this question.

“I mean, that’s their livelihood,” Woodyard said.

Some students, to download higher amounts of music, resort to torrenting, in which a computer directly connects to other computers in order to exchange files. Although torrenting is blocked on the Knox network, students can do so at off-campus locations with WiFi or while at home on break.

“I download my music and used to torrent at home,” freshman Ben Doan said.

Other students ripped music from YouTube videos.

Whatever their source of songs, however, most students seemed to carry the philosophy that music belonged to everyone.

Teresa Simpson

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