SLC to revise Greek reports

Changes to the Greek reporting system to the Student Life Committee (SLC) will likely help clear up confusions and small issues with the current one.

The revamp to the system should be in place by spring term and bring a host of benefits to staff, students and the Greek community.

“Basically what we are trying to look to do is make it much less broad because at the moment it’s at a great starting point, but it doesn’t have enough specificity to it,” Panhellenic (Panhel) President senior Kristi Weller said.

The Interfraternity Council (IFC) and the Panhellenic Council are currently finalizing the new reporting system, before going to SLC on Feb. 21 to get more revisions. The report hopes to be in place this year and be done every spring, in alignment with Greek reports to their nationals.

The discussion in SLC has seen little to no disagreement between faculty and students during this reworking.

“I think at least the leaders of IFC and Panhel are very much on board with this. They see the potential positive effects that this can have in terms of being able to communicate the realities of what the Greek communities due on campus,” SLC member and Instructor of Photography Mike Godsil said.

The report revamp came about in hopes to find a more solid report for the faculty.

“Its a desire to have a codified annual report to the faculty about the Greek system at Knox,” Godsil said.

The Greek community hopes to use the new system to provide a deeper understanding to the campus and to help each other solve problems in future years.

“We will be able to go back and say, ‘Well, there was a problem with this house “X” number of years ago, and they solved it this way, and right now we’re kind of having a similar issue.’ So we are also hoping that this will serve as a storage of solutions for future problems,” former IFC President junior John Cusimano said.

The faculty has requested more information from the Greek system since some hold misconceptions about the community.

“If everyone is more educated about the process then you can make more informed decisions about how things need to change. So without this information you end up with is people speculating about what Greek organizations are doing or maybe information is being hidden,” Dean of Student Debbie Southern said.

One of the main reasons that the reports were originally instated was to prevent the Greek system to change its role on the Knox campus by greatly increasing in size.

“One of the legitimate issues that many of my faculty colleges were struggling with is, at what point does the Greek system on a campus of our size become so large that it goes beyond a tipping point and actually changes the nature of the social interactions on campus,” Godsil said.

The old report had a host of minor issues, including limited answer to questions from some organizations.

“I think the struggle is to get organizations to fill it out, and the struggle is what the purpose is of it,” Weller said. “They usually just fill it out and hand it in and it’s just a blanket amount of statistics. We want to make it more of a PR type of a thing.”

The broadness of the former report caused issues with both the Greek organizations as well as the rest of the Knox community.

Weller hopes the report will be more visually friendly to ease the information delivery.

John Williams

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