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Student photography loves every type of body

A line formed and lively chatter began as students looked at the photographs that were displayed along the walls of the Roger Taylor Student Lounge.

Some stayed to look at specific pictures and point out what they liked most about them while others kept going steadily along, awed at how many of their peers were brave and comfortable enough to have their nude bodies showcased at the Love Your Body event, Saturday, Feb. 18.

“[I] think it’s beautiful that so many people like their bodies enough to have them photographed,” freshman Lizzy Scray said.

These past few weeks, Knox students have been getting their bodies photographed, some clothed and some completely nude to show that they love the skin that they are in.

One of the particularly interesting photographs was a female student who had her bare back turned to the camera, but she looked sideways so that one could see her profile. What stood out about this picture was the tattoo of a tree that seemed to twist up and grow from her left side.

On the other wall there was a black and white photograph of a nude male student kneeling down on one knee. He was leaning forward as if he were about to start running, but at the same time he looked pensively to his side. It had strength but at the same time relaxation.

Students Against Sexism in Society (SASS) organized this event. Freshman Hadley Gephart, a member of SASS, said that this event was part of a larger topic of being sex positive which meant sexual freedom for all.

Freshman Kathleen Gullion, another member of SASS, said that this event was about “accepting and promoting all people,” since “all different kinds of bodies are beautiful.”

“[It is] really cool that Knox is open about this,” sophomore Emily Cooney said.

Apart from the photographs there was also an open mic for anyone who wanted to express themselves and say something about their bodies. Some students recited poems, a few told stories about body issues they had in the past and others went up and sang.

Freshman Jan Rondina was one of the students who sang for the open mic, performing “Just the Way You Are” by Bruno Mars.

He picked this song because he believed that everyone should have it sung to him or her at least once and because he wanted everyone to know that “you do count.”

There was also a box where students could place comment cards that said what they loved most about their bodies which were read out loud throughout the night, including “my hands are sexy,” “my skin is very soft so I’m fun to cuddle with,” and “I have a badonkadonk.”

Rondina not only sang in the open mic, he also had two of his pictures displayed. He said that it felt good to have his pictures taken in the nude, but he felt “awkward” the night of the showing because he could see the pictures and so could everybody else.

When he had first heard about the event he decided to have his picture taken in the nude for the Love Your Body Week “on an impulse” but he called it a “moment of empowerment.”

Lyana Sun Han

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