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Students, faculty split on DV requirement

As the three-vote margin of victory in the faculty meeting indicates, students and faculty have differing opinions on the new requirement of two diversity (DV) designated courses.

On Monday, Feb. 13, the faculty voted to increase the number of DV courses required for graduation from one to two, in response to the diversity component being taken out of Freshman Preceptorial (FP) this year due to the new format.

Associate Professor of History Konrad Hamilton said the decision was not so much a change as reinstating a requirement that was inadvertently ended, saying that the curriculum was always intended to include two diversity courses. Transfer students who do not take FP have always been required to take two DV courses, according to Hamilton.

“[The decision] simply reaffirms the faculty’s commitment to the diversity curriculum that we established ten years ago,” he said.

Some faculty members disagree with the decision, including Professor of Political Science Sue Hulett, who opposed the decision because “we don’t want to overburden our students with specific requirements.”

Hulett argued that students approach required courses with a different and often more negative attitude than those they choose for themselves.

“When it’s freely chosen, I think it will be more appreciated,” she said.

Senior Mike Kolbeck, on the other hand, felt that the requirement of two DV courses makes sense “because in order to study diversity … you need to study more than one culture different than your own.”

Gretchen Walljasper

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