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C-Store prepares for finals food rush

It’s the end of term and students are buckling down, retreating to their favorite study spots and pulling all nighters for finals. And where there are all-nighters, there’s food.

The OutPost, known colloquially as the “C-Store,” is the most convenient location for on-campus students to procure snacks and goodies any time of year, but sales patterns tend to change toward the last few weeks of the term.

“Anything cheap goes first,” C-Store employee Missy Messenger said. “Bobbi [Helander] tends to put the cheeper stuff up front — the chocolates, the crackers — since that’s what the kids are buying. We also purposely stock up on Arizonas since they’re only 99 cents.”

Having the lower priced items in full supply would have been good news for senior Michael Kolbeck — if he had any dining dollars left.

“I ran out around week five. I spend them on food and lots of drinks. I go to the C-Store and the Gizmo about equally,” he said.

The opposite was true for senior Kelly Grant, who as of a few days ago had an estimated $125 on her card. After an extensive spree at the C-store, she still has about $40 to spend.

“I go to Chicago for the weekend a lot. I’m not really around to spend my dollars or meals,” she said.

Grant used her saved-up dining dollars to splurge on lattes, iced tea, pita chips, other assorted snacks and a recyclable bag to carry it all in.

Robin Mahung

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