Flunk Day / Mosaic / April 4, 2012

Freshmen foresee first Flunk Day

Ask any Knox freshman what they are excited about for spring term, and you will get all kinds of answers, from warmer weather and longer days, to new classes and upcoming activities. But no matter what, there is one event that everyone can agree upon as being the high point of Knox’s final term — Flunk Day.

“It’s like a six-year-old’s birthday party — but more awesome!” freshman Sadie Coates said when asked what she imagined Flunk Day would be like.

“It’s going to be intense,” freshman Emily Newman said. “Intense, and super insane and awesome. I’m just super-pumped.”

Flunk Day, a classic Knox tradition when all classes are canceled for a day, allows students the opportunity to relax and have fun in the midst of their final term. The date on which Flunk Day takes place is a closely guarded secret. For most freshmen, this only adds to the excitement, since they do not know what to expect beyond upperclassmen’s stories.

“We get to play in the mud, and finger-paint ourselves and eat cotton candy!” said freshman Conor Krause, reflecting many of the ideas freshmen students seem to have about all the activities that take place on Flunk Day.

“I have a feeling that there’s just going to be a lot of outdoor partying,” freshman Matt Varner said. “I can foresee music, probably, and outdoor frat parties, campus-wide.” Varner also added that he’d been told plenty of stories that included, “Lots of dirt. I hear people get mud all over the place.”

The mud pit is one of the more infamous traditions of Flunk Day. Plenty of freshmen, when interviewed, listed it as one of the warnings they had received from upperclassmen.

“I know it sounds really fun, but I don’t want to have to get mud and paint out of my clothes the next day,” freshman Emma Kearney said.

“I was told avoid the mud pit. Like, ‘sleep through the mud pit. And lock your room,’” Newman said, echoing other freshmen’s concerns about keeping their common areas and rooms locked.

Locked doors, mud fights and general insanity aside, Knox freshmen still hardly seem to be able to wait for what freshman Bruce Kovanen called a definite “Knox quirk.” Though many freshmen said Flunk Day is impossible to prepare for, it does not keep them from continuing to eagerly anticipate Flunk Day’s imminent arrival.

“It’s a good way to relax,” Newman said. “No matter when it is, it’s just a good way to have some fun.”

Alexandra Zimay

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