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Spudos: a blast from the past

Driving down Henderson, you’ve probably seen the big, neon vintage style sign for Spudos Donuts.

Located way down the road in front of a strip mall and next to a cell phone store, it’s not the ideal location for stopping to grab a quick breakfast in the morning, but Spudos doughnuts are worth the trip.

They’re handmade fresh and taste like it. Even if you’re not the biggest doughnut fan, Spudos will have you craving more, especially if you order a chocolate glazed.

When you get around to going to Spudos you could use the drive-through window, but if you’re already making the trip all the way there you might as well eat-in to enjoy the 1950s soda fountain atmosphere.

The vinyl booths and chairs sparkle, the floor is checkered; it’s everything you would expect minus Peggy Sue in a poodle skirt at the next table. Think of Spudos as a less commercial, homier Johnny Rockets. With doughnuts.

If you’re looking for lunch, you can find that at Spudos, too. Their full menu includes the usual suspects like grilled cheese, burgers and hot dogs. This is where the restaurant gets poorer marks, mainly because grilled cheese is basically the only vegetarian option.

The grilled cheese itself was fine, but then again grilled cheese is pretty much always going to taste like grilled cheese. The prices are fair, though, so no complaints from that front.

The other downfall of Spudos is the hours. Unfortunately you can’t fulfill your 2 a.m. doughnut craving as the hours are geared more towards the breakfast and lunch crowd. Sunday through Thursday they’re open from 5:30 a.m. until 3 p.m. and Fridays and Saturdays they’re open from 5:30 a.m. until 7 p.m.

For college students it can be tough to get around to waking up, getting ready, getting in a car and heading over there by 3 p.m. In a perfect world they’d be open 24/7 but for now you’ll have to get your late night snack on at the Broadview or Steak and Shake.

Even though the “real” food isn’t terribly special and the hours aren’t great, Spudos makes up for it with their specialty: the doughnuts. They’re absolutely an A+. Dunkin’ Donuts just won’t cut it after you have Spudos. Try it while you’re here at Knox and you won’t regret it, except maybe when you’re at home wishing you could have more!

Katie Baer

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