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Thoughts from the Embers: The new editorial board

For the past few years, this editorial has been the collective opinion of the editors of The Knox Student. While this has provided fruitful discussion of important topics in the past, it became evident a change needed to happen to be better able to inform our readers.

The Editor-in-chief John Williams, Managing Editor Sheena Leano, News Editors Anna Meier and Charlie Gorney and Discourse Editor Matt Barry will comprise the new editorial board.

This will allow us to provide a more in-depth discussion for our readers. In bringing the new board together, two things needed to be added to our newspaper. Both an ethics statement and editorial statement, each mainstays in most newspapers, needed to set a clear and open path for the newspaper.

The ethics statement (which is too large to publish in its entirety and can be found at (http://www.theknoxstudent.com/newsroom/ethics/) will allow us to follow one standard set of guidelines for our newspaper and will allow for more open objectivity to our news product. While we implore that you read the full ethics statement, the following three principles are key to upholding the legitimacy of future editorials.

“10. Maintaining objectivity in all news reporting, carefully considering assignments where the ability to be objective could be compromised and disclosing when a conflict of interest could be perceived to exist.”

“18. Always disclosing when mistakes were made and rectifying them as soon as possible, realizing that the fault for reporting inaccurate information ultimately rests with the journalist, not the source.”

“23. Holding those with power accountable for their words and deeds, regardless of whether or not the person or entity in question holds any power, direct or indirect, over TKS, its content, its staff or its funding.”

Editorial statement

The Knox Student’s first and foremost goal is to look out for the students’ interests. While sometimes the opinions may not be the same among the whole student body, the opinions held are what we believe to be the best for the community as a whole.

We do not exist to promote interests of other organizations and individuals or to cater to any authority. We aim to uphold the standards of accountability and integrity of the college and the variety of entities that govern it.

The Knox community thrives and is partially defined by the wide variety of students in it and the editorials will do their best to respect the varying opinions. It is important that free expression of ideas and viewpoints is upheld when discussing the topics at hand.

Understanding that we are a community affected by global topics, we will bring to attention issues that arise from outside of Knox when we feel that they are important to our readership.

The opinions laid out in future Thoughts from the Embers still reflect the viewpoint of the newspaper and will become more constant from week to week due to these changes in our editorial process.

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