Flunk Day / Mosaic / April 4, 2012

TKS predicts: Flunk Day odds

With the Flunk Day safety email being sent across campus this past Wednesday, Flunk Day season is officially upon Knox College. Here, for your convenience, is a guide to dates that we at TKS think are most likely to be the date.

Any Friday

Odds: 70 to 1

Flunk Day has occurred on a Friday only twice in the past. Since such a day would likely result in students drinking from late Thursday night through Sunday, don’t put your money on a Friday.

April 9 to April 13

Odds: 50 to 1

The Dance Department, in conjunction with several other departments, is bringing in the Aerial Dance company —­ super expensive and impossible to reschedule. Plus, it’s still too early: the date of Flunk Day would have been chosen far before they knew about this unseasonably warm weather.

April 16 to 18

Odds: 15 to 1

Still a bit early, but there’s nothing major occurring this week and later dates are booked solid this term. The one flaw: Admitted Student daysare Thursday and Friday. It is not easy to clean up after Flunk Day.

April 23 to April 26

Odds: 5 to 1

This is the last week before the college has to start dealing with the mainstage dance concert, the mainstage theatre show and President Teresa Amott’s installation ceremony. Will Flunk Day be this week? TKS thinks yes — and probably not Monday, since Flunk Day has been on a Monday the past two years.

Katy Sutcliffe

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