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Recalling the prospective student experience

It’s that time of year when Knox’s campus is overrun by prospective students known as Admitted Students Day.

Admitted Students Day, a Knox tradition, is a day students who are admitted to Knox have the opportunity, prior to making a decision, to explore the campus, taste the food and meet other future students.

Freshman Shannon Perry said her Admitted Students Day made her aware that the college process was real. Having the experience outside of her state allowed her to see what the college life was like, as well as finding that she was not the only student venturing into the process. She remembered how she met a lot of new people and finally put into her mind that college was coming up, and it was finally time for her to decide.

“Being from Rhode Island [Admitted Students Day] allowed me to meet new people and make the process of picking seem real … a lot of people I met that day are really good friends now.”

With Admitted Students Day fast approaching, a lot of students who did not attend their own feel that it is good for prospective students to go to experience what might soon be their college of attendance.

Senior Erin Duff, a student tour guide for the Office of Admissions, feels that it is an important part of the college process to be a prospective student. Unable to attend her Admitted Students Day, she felt that process of deciding was more of going on a whim instead of having the unique experience of visiting.

“It’s really the experience you have on campus that sets it apart from the rest,” Duff said.

With her inability to visit Knox on admitted student’s day, Erin recalls her process of choosing colleges as a “coin toss,” looking at many websites and brochures, and ultimately deciding from what she has read instead of seen.

“My first day [at Knox] I didn’t know what to expect or where to go, I feel that being able to attend [admitted students day] gives first years familiar faces and a feeling of how the college experience will be,” he said.

Students around campus feel that when prospective students visit campus that our fellow students, whether as tour guides or overnight host, ‘paint a picture’ and have to follow a sort of script in which they tell prospective students the values of Knox avoiding all the behind the scenes. However, junior Charmaine Washington explained how this is not the case.

Washington, having experience with Knox for the past three years, enjoyed her Admitted Students Day saying how she had the ability to sit in on classes at Knox and had the ability to talk to students and faculty who grew up with similar lifestyles as herself, she feels that prospective students now should receive the same treatment.

“I don’t feel scripted because they always tell us not to lie. So when I sit down to talk to a student I am real with them but at the same [time] respectful of my school. I express my feelings but not in a way that is all negative. If they want to know what I don’t like about the school I will tell them respectfully. If they don’t ask me I just don’t tell because I know everyone’s experience is different and I let them know that.”

Within the next few weeks as the campus becomes filled with hopeful future Knox freshman, many of the students of Knox have a positive outlook feeling that being a prospect is the way to go.

Ashlee Pitts

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