SLC reviews its charge as faculty committee

Greek inclusion in the committee and changes to the Conduct Council filled the debate on Tuesday during the Student Life Committee (SLC) meeting.

The meeting reviewed the SLC sections in the Faculty Regulations as well as the charge for SLC itself to suggest changes.

The largest debate surrounded the suggestion from SLC chair Elizabeth Carlin-Metz to add Panhellenic Council and Interfraternity Council presidents as ex-officio members to the committee.

“I am a little hesitant about the ex-officio status,” Associate Professor of Political Science Duane Oldfield said. “… I worry a little [about] balance in terms of what we hear from. It’s not that the presence hasn’t been good; I don’t want to discourage them coming.”

Many members believed that the new Greek report system has made improvements to opening up Greek culture to the faculty and students.

“I think the way we have it now is a good middle ground,” Instructor of Art Mike Godsil said. “If we can continue this culture where they see it as a win-win to attend SLC meetings when they can, then there is not this danger of it looking like we are calling on the carpet.”

The final decision was to urge the presidents of the Greek councils to be present, putting the responsibility on their side and maintaining their status as invited guests in order to keep encouraging the openness, while not exacerbating any current Greek bias opinions.

The committee also discussed changes to the Conduct Council. Dean of Students Deb Southern believed the last case brought to the council was in 2005.

“Should we look at recommending to the faculty that the time has come maybe to sunset that?” Godsil said, believing that the current administrative appeal process is sufficient enough.

Many members voiced their opinion to have the council change its main role into a body aimed at changing and reviewing conduct rules and fines in order to give students a better avenue to have input in the process.

“I would definitely love to look at improving the role of it,” Senate President senior Gordon Barrett said. “The conduct procedures would be something that would interest a lot of senators and a lot of students and probably benefit everybody.”

The committee also agreed to have the wording about public performances be changed slightly to having a faculty or staff “advise” instead of direct the events.

Carlin-Metz suggested the writing of a white paper to ease transition from one chair to the next and to make reports more readily available on the Knox server. It was suggested to remove the information regarding campus popularity contests for student royalty in the Faculty Regulations due to the lack of such events.

Barrett stated that the Sustainability Coordinator position has received more than 60 applicants and will begin interviews next week.

John Williams

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