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Knox falls in doubleheader against Augustana

The Knox College Prairie Fire Softball team (5-12) had a slew of games to be prepared for in their annual Crossover Classic; however, their weekend was cut short by mother nature. The Prairie Fire played three games against Lawrence University (6-15), Ripon College (12-9) and Carrol University (12-7) finishing their weekend 1-2.

The team began their weekend with a strong outing against the Lawrence Vikings. The Vikings scored once off three hits in the top of the inning, Knox then responded with five runs to close the first and make the score five to one. Freshman Rhiannon Neuville-Norton and sophomore Jordan Shaffer were allotted on base by errors. Norton scored on a single by way of starting pitcher Amber Eisha. Shaffer and Eisha both scored on a double by freshman Jenna Butler. Knox then scored by junior Jill Krippel’s single to end the inning.

From then on neither team scored until the fourth inning when freshman Brittany Price hit a single to aid Shaffer in scoring. The women had eight hits in the game while Price went three for three with a RBI and a scored run. Pitcher Amber Eisha earned the win as she only allowed one run and striking out three batters.

While the weekend began great for the Fire, they could not finish how they hoped. The team began by scoring three runs to capture an early lead. Sophomore Anna Lemen was deemed the hurler to end the inning. However, the Ripon Red Hawks answered with a score in the bottom of the inning and three more in the second and in the third to take the lead at 7-3.

Norton responded by aiding freshman Claire Neir in scoring off a single. The other two scores were by Norton and Wollrab with Shaffer recording a RBI. Knox did not record a score the final two innings and only gave up one last run by the Red Hawks in the sixth to end the game at 8-6. Shaffer recorded two hits while Lemen (2-5) recorded the loss.

In the last game of the Prairie Fire’s shortened weekend the women played against the Carrol Pioneers. The women did not start out how they hoped, going scoreless in the first five innings. The Pioneers took advantage of the opportunity by scoring six runs through the five. In the top of the sixth inning Knox then recorded two scores. The first was on a double by Shaffer and the second being Neuville-Norton brought in senior Beth McRill. The only other hit allowed by the Pioneers was by Lemen in the seventh inning.

Eisha (3-7) allowed 13 hits and five runs during the last game while striking out two batters. The women’s games for Sunday were moved to Monday but the field and weather conditions did not improve enough to allow the games, which were then canceled.


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