Campus sees new attention to detail

First impressions can be everything. For this reason, Director of Facilities Services Scott Maust has been working closely with President Teresa Amott to give the Knox campus more of what he calls “a wow factor.”

Maust said that the college has refocused some of its funds toward beautification efforts. This has allowed Facilities Services to purchase more lawn equipment to keep things looking green. The college has also brought on a new expert grounds director who holds a degree in turf management.

The grounds crews are currently working on projects like re-seeding, tree trimming and installing more raised flowerbeds to give the campus a facelift, and students are beginning to notice the change.

“There was that weird mesh stuff around that tree by the Gizmo,” senior Maisie Maupin said, who also mentioned and sidewalks that were installed earlier this year.

However, like many students, she thinks that the best thing that can be done to improve the look of campus is renovating Alumni Hall.

“It’s such a huge building that’s not in use at all. Once they are finished fixing the outside of it, campus will look a lot better,” she said.

Maust agreed that Alumni Hall would be an integral part of the campus aesthetic once it is complete. He said that the president would like to find a “good core of campus,” which will blend the old with new improvements at Knox. The “core” of campus, which will be connected by new brick paths, will likely incorporate Alumni Hall.

Along with the planting and trimming that is currently taking place around campus, Maust said that there are a few bigger projects that will get underway this summer. These include repainting Old Main, putting down a new black-top on the circle drive outside of Ford Center for the Fine Arts and a major landscaping project on the southeast corner of the Auxiliary Gym.

Knox will also be knocking down the lumberyard across from the Administrative Services building and working with a local architect on renovating the brick building next to it.

The paving of the Gizmo patio is another major project that will occur over the summer. The wood will be replaced with concrete by the time students return in the fall.

Maust hopes these changes to campus will enhance its current beauty. He said the goal is simply to clean it up and make it very presentable.

Anna Casey

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