Flunk Day / Mosaic / April 25, 2012

False Flunk Day(s)

Tis the season of Flunk and along with that comes the season of Flunk Day scares. Whether one is an early bird, light sleeper or insomniac, in the past few weeks, seniors have woken the campus yelling “Flunk Day!” although it is not.

With so much enthusiasm and talk, many students feel that this season is enjoyable.

“It doesn’t bother me really. I can be a morning person. It’s exciting being my first [Flunk] Day,” freshman Sam Marin said.

Marin found the Flunk Day scares both entertaining and exciting.

“The last [scare] I saw I was so excited seeing people outside my suitemate’s window,” Marin said.

While many believe that Flunk Day scares are targeted to just the freshman dormitories, junior Eva Marley also is aware of the yelling.

“The first time they did a scare I thought that it was really coming, although I was skeptical since it was early in the semester,” Marley said.

Marley wishes that the Flunk Day scares would target more than just the Quads, where she believes the freshman live, and also focus on places like the Townhouses, where she lives. She also believes that the scares are meant in good fun and are not meant in any way to be mean.

Marley said she was rarely fooled by scares.

“I get excited by the scares … but until I see people running towards the mud pit, I won’t believe it,” she said.

With so much anticipation already in the air, many ask why seniors do the scares.

Senior David Aken described scares as “a way to unite the seniors in an exciting way. … It’s an exhilarating feeling being able to come together, and in the end you wish it was actually Flunk Day.”

Aken felt the period leading up to Flunk Day is an exciting time because students don’t know when it will be.

“A scare could actually be Flunk Day,” Aken said. “Most of the friars don’t know until the night before that Flunk Day is coming.”

With Flunk Day fast approaching (and always tomorrow) and scares happening all around, overall the campus seems to be quite ecstatic that the scare friars have appeared.

Ashlee Pitts

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