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Q’s Cafe: Better than homemade

If you’re looking for a place in town “where everybody knows your name,” head over to Q’s Café and after a few visits you’re sure to become friends with owners Walt and Annette Q. McAllister. It’s a family business, and they treat all their customers as a part of the family. Annette is always at the register welcoming customers with a smile, while Walt serves up the food he’s made himself.

One of the specialties at Q’s is the homemade bread, on which they serve all their sandwiches. You can pick up a whole loaf to take home, though it’s a good idea to order in advance. You can also order pretty much type of cake, pie or dessert in advance, so consider calling up Q’s if you have a special occasion.

Speaking of desserts, another specialty is the famous Q’s inside-out brownie, which features a fudgy layer in the middle and is a steal for only $1. The brownies are available every day, as are cookies, which are also delicious.

As tasty as the desserts are, Q’s is mainly a deli specializing in sandwiches. Meat lovers should try the BBQ, Walt’s specialty, shredded roasted pork with homemade BBQ sauce served with coleslaw right on the bun.

Vegetarians have plenty of options too, as there is a vegetarian sandwich offered everyday, as well as a salad of the day. The egg salad sandwich and portabella mushroom sandwich are both excellent, especially on the homemade Italian semolina bread. All sandwiches cost $5.95.

It’s impossible to have a bad time at Q’s. The food is great, the staff is welcoming and gracious and the atmosphere is pleasant and casual. The only downside is that Q’s is only open Monday through Friday from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m. Even so, the café is conveniently located on Main St., just a few blocks from campus, so it’s easy to walk over for lunch. If you’re tired of the caf and looking for a reasonably priced meal, Q’s is the place to go. They post their menu on their Facebook page every morning, so “like” the page and make sure to go when your favorite sandwich is being served … and don’t forget the brownie!

Katie Baer

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