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TKS Editors Give Advice: How could Flunk Day be improved?

Contrary to popular belief, Flunk Day did eventually happen this year. Many Knox students, though, were still not satisfied. So we asked the editors:

How could Flunk Day be improved?

“Mudpit dodgeball.” — Jackson White, Sports Editor

“It shouldn’t rain. They should seed the clouds instead.”

— Gretchen Walljasper, Copy Editor

“It should be a planned day and not an unknown day. That would improve the academic performance of the school during the spring term.”

— John Williams, Editor-in-chief

“David Sedaris should come and tap dance dressed as a penguin.”

— Samantha Paul, Copy Editor

“Flunk Day could have been Monday.”

— Anna Meier, News Editor

“Flunk Day could be improved by having a second Flunk Day.”

— Katy Sutcliffe, Mosaic Editor

“If it rains again, it should rain candy. Also, there are too many scares right now.” ­

— Elizabeth Schult, Copy Editor

“I could not live in the quads during the Flunk day scares.”

— Carina Tran, Photo Editor

“Bring the Verve instead of the Verve Pipe.”

— Charlie Gorney, News Editor

“Better contingency planning and better communication by the Flunk Day Planners. Also, Abraham Lincoln should have a chorus of presidential back-up dancers.”

—Paige Anderson, Co-Mosaic Editor

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