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TKS Editors Give Advice: Campus improvement advice

Though Knox may be a pretty great school, that doesn’t mean that it’s perfect. There’s always room for improvement. With that in mind, we asked the TKS editors:

How could campus be better next year?


— Julian Boireau, Featured writer

“Domesticated squirrels.”

— Sheena Leano, Managing Editor

“The Gizmo should open earlier and it should have better coffee”

— Gretchen Walljasper, Copy Editor

“I hope Roger Taylor makes unscheduled visits.”

— John Williams, Editor-in-chief

“We could implement a naptime, turn SMC into a giant ballpit and have lots of lutes and ukuleles.” — Samantha Paul, Copy Editor

“The caf can serve macaroni and cheese more often.”

— Anna Meier, Co-News Editor

“There could be direct flights offered into Galesburg.”

— Carina Tran, Co-Photo Editor

“It will be sans the current senior class. There’s no fixing that.”

— Katy Sutcliffe, Co-Mosaic Editor

“The bike sharing program should also offer human-sized hamster balls.” ­

— Elizabeth Schult, Copy Editor

“Get rid of the giant puddle in front of Seymour Library.”

— Michelle Orr, Co-Photo Editor

“A wider selection of dried fruits. I need some dried apricots.”

—Paige Anderson, Co-Mosaic Editor

“Better coffee.”

— Charlie Gorney, Co-News Editor

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