Columns / Discourse / May 23, 2012

The week’s news: A satire

Woman feels she’s got it going on, names all her children Stacy.

Joke made about B-list celebrity’s death, no one says “too soon.”

Atheist firmly believes all other religious sects are going to end up in Church.

After gay marriage, Obama also tentatively endorses equal rights for women.

High school football team’s losses go unreported.

U.N. gathers to hear girl named Rebecca give workshop on leadership.

“Old people are so adorable,” fifteen-year-old girl says of grandfather’s limp.

England to host Olympics; Olympics to be very polite about the food.

Adjusting for inflation, “The Avengers” rakes in everything anybody owned during the Bronze Age.

Economy suffers from fear of success.

Super PACs pool resources to launch better attacks on both candidates.

Four people die trying to climb Everest, tragically hadn’t heard it’d already been climbed enough before.

“Iranian uranium,” according to latest intelligence report, was said 10 times fast.

Flesh-eating bacteria distracts from real threat: flesh-eating bears.

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Ben Lee

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