August 23, 2012

Looking to future films

Movie trailers create hype for upcoming films ­ — but can they live up to their expectations? Here, I review trailers for upcoming movies and predicts which ones are worth your while.

“Bel Ami”
A 19th century, period drama about the famed French writer, Guy de Maupassant (Robert Pattinson), a man known for sleeping his way to the top of Parisian high society. This screenplay was based on the 1885 novel by Maupassant. Even in the short trailer, the acting seems questionable as Pattinson adopts an accent that fades in and out. This seems like a film that might be trying to fly on the coattails of “Midnight in Paris,” but lacks its magic from the beginning.

“Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter”
Just as you begin to think the vampire fad is winding down, here comes another — oh, but don’t worry, this one’s got 16th Presidential class written all over it. Here, Lincoln (Benjamin Walker) defends his country from vampires as they try to take over the U.S. (in 3-D). From producer Tim Burton, there is one facet of this film that is truly disturbing already; it’s advertised as horror/action, not comedy. I sincerely hope that this is a giant Hollywood prank.

“Take this Waltz”
This off-beat dramedy is about 28-year-old Margot (Michelle Williams) and a love triangle that develops between her husband, Lou (Seth Rogen) and Daniel (Luke Kirby). It advertises itself as a “funny, bittersweet tale of love.” As an independent film, the shots are definitely more artsy than most of the Hollywood trailers. More serious moments and a goofy montage are both represented in the trailer and it seems like it could be a sweet, if somewhat expected film.

“Magic Mike”
This is also known as the “Channing Tatum Stripper Movie” and this gem will be released to the masses in the middle of summer break and will answer the age-old question: “When your life is a fantasy, how do you deal with reality?” Clearly this is a film for the philosophy majors among us.

“Snow White and the Huntsman”
This film seems to play more on the original Grimm’s fairy tale than the Disney version. This picture is clearly intended for older audiences and has maintained the darkness of the original story, pushing it into the drama/adventure genre. The movie centers on a queen (Charlize Theron) who has “defied nature and robbed it of its fairest truth.” Of course, the queen is deemed less fair than Snow White (Kristen Stewart) and in a jealous rage sets out to have Snow White killed by the huntsman. Overall, this looks to be refreshing idea for a remake, one that would undoubtedly have delighted the Grimm brothers. However, Kristen Stewart? I’m cynical.

Samantha Paul
Samantha Paul is a senior double majoring in creative writing and Spanish. She previously served as both a news reporter and a copy editor for TKS. During the summer of 2012, Sam served as press chair of a literacy brigade in El Salvador. She has also interned with both Bloom Magazine and The Galesburg Register-Mail. At Knox, Sam is an organizational editor for Catch magazine.

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