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Finding Knox: New students’ first impressions

Last week’s Pumphandle gave faculty, staff and upperclassmen a chance to meet the class of 2016 which features students from all walks of life and backgrounds. Meet Katie Mansfield, Micah Snow, Matthew Sugai, Clara Conover and Rahil Savani. 

Freshman Katie Mansfield smiles as she recounts her first week at Knox. With an interest in health foods, Katie is excited for her preceptorial, “The Social Life of Food.” (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

Katie Mansfield

Katie Mansfield is a freshman from St. Louis, Mo. who is interested in philosophy, creative writing, food and nutrition. She chose Knox because she loves the connections she felt to the people on campus.

“I met some girls on Admitted Students Day and we totally vibed,” Mansfield said. “They said,’Hey, we have nothing else to go off of, let’s be suite mates.’”

Connections like these were a considerable factor in her decision to come to Knox because she could not find them in high school.

“I just did not feel connected to anyone,” Mansfield said. “I felt like when I was talking to people, I was talking to a blank face. Whereas here the very first conversation I had from someone who called me, it was an engaging conversation. The very first one.”

Mansfield only had one complaint after the first couple weeks of school.

“My room is on the fourth floor of Post and it is a lot of stairs. And my bed is really high,” she said.

Freshman Micah Snow-Cobb discusses his experience working with Motti Lerner during rehearsals for “At Night’s End.” He will be performing in the mainstage production from Oct. 31 to Nov. 3. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

Micah Snow

Micah Snow, a freshman from Turners Falls, Mass., is already involved in the main stage production this term, “At Night’s End.”

“The style for which we are doing the play right now is absolutely awesome. We’ve had [Visiting Israeli scholar] Motti [Lerner] … sitting in with us,” he said. “He’s so cool, and I’ve just never been able to work that closely with a playwright.”

Although he is thinking of studying creative writing and theatre, he also has a newfound interest in anthropology and sociology (AnSo.)

“I’m taking an AnSo class right now called Race and Ethnic Relations with Wendel Hunigan. I absolutely love it. I did not think I was going to be taking ANSO classes, but I think I might have to take another one after this trimester.”

He also likes the conversations he has found at Knox.

“You can just get into all of these intellectual conversations out of nowhere, and you don’t even know where they came from,” he said. “You start talking about one thing and you end up on another thing half an hour later and are like, ‘Whoa, I have class. Where did the time go?’”

Matthew Sugai

Matthew Sugai, a freshman from Chicago, Ill., attended North Side College Prep before coming to Knox. He wants to go into conservation biology and is interested in the science program at Knox, as well as Green Oaks Biological Field Station and wrestling.

Freshman Matt Sugai talks about his support for Knox’s new sustainability efforts. As he plans on studying environmental studies, Matt explains how the Green Oaks Term drew him to Knox. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

“[The Umbeck Science-Mathematics Center] is definitely home for me,” he said, “but I’ve also been recruited to the wrestling team. I wrestled all four years of high school, so it is good that I am able to continue that pursuit.”

He is also interested in Bike Club, Friends of Green Oaks, KARES and the Pagan Student Alliance. Then he brought up a club his friends are creating.

“A couple of my friends are planning on starting up a club. It’s called The Music Revolution, so we’ll be doing a lot with that,” he said.

Clara Conover

Clara Conover, a freshman, is from Mason City, Ill. and attended Illini Central High School before Knox. She is planning on majoring in studio art, with an emphasis in Photography, and minoring in business. Knox’s art programs are what drew her to apply.

“I liked the fact that they had one. It was really hard to find a college that had photography at all. And Knox was one of those … they had photography and business, and usually it was either one or the other,” she said.

Rahil Rizvin Savani

Rahil Savani is a freshman from Kampala, Uganda. He went to Aga Khan High School, but spent the last two years of high school in India at Indus International School. He has played rugby for four years and plans on joining the rugby club as well as others.

“So far, I joined Harambee Club, and I’m planning to join the MUN (Model United Nations) club, because at my previous school I did a lot with MUN,” he said.

He has been thinking about his major and minor and is planning to major in Economics, one of his studies at Indus International School. While there, he also learned French and English in addition to his prior knowledge of Hindi, Urdu and Gujarati.

He was happily surprised when he saw Knox in person for the first time.

“It’s a really nice place. The campus is really good, and the pictures don’t do it justice. It is way better than I thought,” he said.

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