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Dolphins get feminist

Feminist Dolphins, a radio show on WVKC on Fridays at 7 p.m. run by juniors Max Glassner and Elizabeth Lerum, focuses on queer theory, while also discussing feminist issues and general ideas on gender in society.

“Let’s say you see an effeminate man leaving a woman’s retail store,” Glassner said. “Most people you know are going to ask you, ‘Is he gay or is he buying things for his girlfriend?’ Or let’s say you see two women holding hands. Most people you know are going to ask, ‘Are they lesbians or are they friends?’”

Feminist Dolphins spans a wide range of topics well outside the scope of the typical talk radio show, all indirectly focused on the issues raised by Glassner’s description of queer theory. Lerum and Glassner have previously discussed a broad range of issues on the show, including the phallocentric nature of condoms and the barrier they produce between partners, evolutionary explanations for sexual activity and attraction and their flawed perspectives and the aesthetic portrayed in mainstream pornography and its presence in non-mainstream pornography, such as sex-positive porn.

Outside of just discussing these topics, though, the two have high aims for the sort of people Feminist Dolphins might impact.

“We are aware that we don’t get many listeners in Galesburg, but we always hope that some college student or Galesburg high school student happens to listen to our show and identify with what we are discussing,” Lerum said. “Sex is so censored to only portray the heteronormative perspective, and sex education is so inadequate, that we hope our discussion over the airwaves reaches somebody hoping to know more and hear other people freely discuss a seemingly taboo topic.”

“People have a tendency for putting sexuality in a really small box, where you’re either inside the box because you identify as ‘straight,’ since the box we live in is a heteronormative society, or you’re outside the box because you’re not ‘straight,’” Glassner said. “We live in a world with an overly-simple outlook on sexual activity and sexual orientation.”

Emily Madden

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