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Film term focuses club’s visions

Film Club has returned to campus and announced that a Film Term will take place for any and all students who want to gain experience in making original films.

Thanks to the efforts of senior Erin Bell and juniors Ivan Keta and Markie Jo Crismon, students create, edit and produce their own films through the student-run organization.

Film Club members will be given the chance to make films based on pieces of work written by their peers. Bell is one of the many members excited for the support of the Film Club and is ready to guide her peers in helping with filmmaking.

“The students will be grouped together into mini-production teams,” Bell said. “Each member will take on a different role as director, producer, cameraman, editor and writer. We’ve set the length at about 3-5 minutes.”

Each of these groups has a total of three weeks to prepare and finish their concepts. Film Term is another outlet in helping students express their creativity. The goal was to work on two projects during fall term.

The first project was for everyone to focus on non-synchronized sound, meaning more of a silent film to start off. The second project, which would take place from Feb. 4-24, would be based on groups designing their own scripts. However, due to the busy schedules in academic courses for the peers, Film Club decided to give each group a choice to do one or the other and even both for winter term.

In such a short time, Film Club has inspired peers to take on roles based on their background experience, non-experience or willingness to help. Thus far 20 students have been involved with Film Term, and Bell is confident in the potential of her peers.

“The fact that this event is actually happening before our eyes is already a sign of its success, which is all Markie and I really hoped for,” Bell said.

The idea came from Crismon, who wanted to make something akin to Rep Term, only with a film foundation and a similar effect.

Film Term is meant to focus creatively on film for a certain number of weeks and have an open day where each group can show their films across campus.

Originally the Film Club was discontinued for years due to their previous president’s graduation. Now students can again gain the experience needed to create movies on a regular basis.

After the projects have been completed, the Film Club plans to have a film viewing party celebrating the team’s accomplishments and allowing their work to be screen for all of campus.

Note: Erin Bell is a videographer for The Knox Student.

Deyontavis Hightower

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