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Winter Netflix picks

Winter Term has arrived on campus in all its glory, crows included. With the cold temperatures comes the romanticized feeling of snuggling up and watching good, old-fashioned television or namely, Netflix. Sometimes students run out of ideas of what to watch so here are fu=ive shows that are blanket-worthy and in no particular order.

“Ugly Betty”
Dorky yet extremely lovable Queens native Betty Suarez (America Ferrera) sets out to conquer Manhattan as she becomes the assistant to the Editor-in-Chief of notorious high fashion Mode Magazine. In the pilot, Betty shows up to her “looks are everything” world she’s just stepped into. All four seasons have something wonderful and heartwarming to share, with the main message being “don’t be afraid to be yourself.” “Ugly Betty” will make you laugh, cry, and feel angry at the fact that it’s no longer on the air.

“Downton Abbey”
“Downton Abbey” offers romance, scandal and class. Comparing the lives of the help and the family of a pre-WWI manor and how they intertwine brilliantly, each character is deep and offers his or her own importance to the plot. Proceed with caution when beginning the series, as you may become addicted to it and spend hours watching Seasons one and two. Season three is currently airing Sunday nights on PBS.

“Lie to Me”
Loosely based on the works of a psychologist, “Lie to Me” consists of Dr. Cal Lightman and his team working for hire as “facial expression” experts. Using various techniques such as eyebrow furrowing or body language, Cal catches criminals. The show is witty and intriguing yet still relatable as each character has his or her shortcomings. There are only three seasons of “Lie to Me” as it was unexpectedly canceled.

“30 Rock”
Tina Fey’s brainchild, “30 Rock,” releases a barrel of laughs from day one. Featuring Alec Baldwin as new head honcho Jack Donaghy of “The Girlie Show” and Tracy Jordan, he challenges head writer Liz Lemon (Fey) to make the sketch show into something bigger and better. Madness ensues in the NBC studio at 30 Rockefeller place as Lemon learns to deal with her crazy new boss and insane new star. “30 Rock” is quirky, and you will undoubtedly find yourself laughing at very stupid things.

ABC’s “Revenge” is as dark as it sounds. It is centered on the return of an unknown strange seeking — you guessed it — revenge. When Amanda Clarke was a little girl, her father was accused of committing a very grave crime that he did not commit. Years later she returns, but this time as Emily Thorne, in order to serve the justice that her father never saw. The plot twists are the product of a mastermind and you never know what to expect or what lengths Emily will go to bring down the company that hurt her father so many years ago.

Cassidy Jones

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