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School washes away inefficiency

After more than 10 years of the same washers and dryers, the college has agreed it is time for an update as early as the next school year to move further toward its goals for sustainability.

The school has been working on researching what these new appliances would look like in the past year. There have been many reports from different vendors about options, but it seems like they are leaning toward Speed Queen.

The new washers will not be much different than the washers currently installed on campus. The major difference is that they will be high-energy certified, meaning that they will use less water, detergent and electricity than traditional washers, furthering the campus’ sustainability goals.

It will cost $2.50 to wash and dry a load of laundry or $1.25 per wash or dry, which is a dollar more per load than the current machines.

Although some students may be worried about the increase, Director of Facilities Services Scott Maust said, “From what research I have done, I think the overall cost to the student is almost going to be cost neutral because the new Energy Star machines are going to be front loaders which you can actually put a few more clothes in there than a normal top loader. And the front loaders spin the clothes out so much dryer that it will take less to dry them.”

Students will still be able to pay for the washers using quarters, but some other systems have been considered, such as card readers and unlimited washing. Potential concerns about unlimited washing are water usage and people who may not do as much laundry still having to pay the same price. The card readers are something being considered based on what the vendors have to offer the school.

“Because of the added expense of the seaboard system and the card readers … we’re probably going to have to start with the high volume areas first like Hamblin, Williston, Post and Five-Name,” Maust said.

The school is not just looking into the machines, but some extras for the students as well. Maust mentioned the possibility of having machines that dispense soap if students do not have any and other perks like a free laundry day or maybe even an application to keep track of laundry via smart phones.

“I want to look at the whole realm of things and really get what’s best for the student to make it as economical as possible and nice as possible,” Maust said.

Serafine George

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