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Honor Code update: Senate affirms academic integrity

Student Senate

The following statement was passed with unanimous consent by Student Senate during the April 18 meeting, marking an early step in reestablishing a culture of academic integrity at the college among both students and faculty. The same statement was approved by the faculty at the April 1 faculty meeting.

We the Student Senate, believe the following should be our community’s Statement on Academic Integrity.



Academic integrity is the underpinning for all educational, scholarly and creative work at Knox College.  The College’s mission to “challeng[e] each other to explore, understand, and improve ourselves, our society and our world” cannot be realized if we do not live as just and honest individuals.  A Knox education nurtures academic integrity in its students, who learn by taking academic honesty seriously, who live it seriously within their college community, and who carry it with them when they leave Knox.  Knox graduates are equipped both to demonstrate and to cultivate the kind of honesty they learn to value and to practice as students.


The effective cultivation of academic integrity as a core value entails a community culture of trust through which students, provided with a clear understanding of the expectations of academic honesty, can be relied upon to fulfill their responsibilities.  The Knox community understands instances of possible academic dishonesty to be not simply matters pertaining to the individual, or to the faculty-student relationship, but having implications for the vitality of academic integrity as a shared community value.


Academic integrity is fostered by a commitment of both Knox students and faculty to the Honor Code, first proposed by Knox students in 1951 and soon thereafter adopted by the faculty as part of the regulations of the academic program. The code links students and faculty in joint stewardship of academic integrity at Knox in the following ways:


1. Students take responsibility for the integrity of ways in which  they study, fulfill assignments, research topics, write papers, make presentations, and create artistic works.

2. Faculty demonstrate academic integrity through their own original work, individually and/or collaboratively with students. Faculty provide students with instruction on how to maintain integrity in all academic settings.

3. Faculty and students share responsibility for adjudicating alleged instances of violations of the Honor Code.



— approved by the Knox Faculty

April 1, 2013


TKS Staff

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