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KolorWorx hypnotizes audience with pom poms, guns

Freshman Kayleigh O’Brien and junior Haley Schutt perform a routine Friday, May 10 in the Memorial Gym for KolorWorx’s show “Hypoxia”. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

Freshman Kayleigh O’Brien and junior Haley Schutt perform a routine Friday, May 10 in the Memorial Gym for KolorWorx’s show “Hypoxia”. (Casey Mendoza/TKS)

In a flurry of pom poms, rifles and tutus, the Knox College KolorWorx color guard club presented their first annual show, titled “Hypoxia,” on Friday, May 10.

The event was held in the Memorial Gym, a venue selected because the club “needed a place that was safe to throw flags and rifles,” according to freshman member Kayleigh O’Brien.

The evening consisted of pieces which revolved around the club’s main theme: grief.

“We decided on the song called ‘Hypoxia,’” O’Brien said. “We decided together as a group on grief, because that’s what the song felt like. … It’s kind of a big deal. We started planning last year.”

Before KolorWorx took the stage, a number of other student dance groups took the stage, including the Knox College Dance Squad and Pandora’s Box.

Pandora’s Box brought the gym to life with their colorful tutus and various forms of dance, including ballet, hip-hop and gymnastics.

“It was really cool,” sophomore Giovanni Jaimes said. “It was different from other performances I’ve seen at Knox. It was a little more creative.”

Towards the end of the evening, another group, The Moonshine Kids, took the stage. The duo of junior Haley Beeson and senior Josh Hosmer-Quint performed several songs, incorporating their own flair with the use of guitars and a mandolin. Though they covered a number of well-known tunes, they introduced their own original song “Stormchaser” which talked about “Buffy the Vampire Slayer.”

Months of hard work and detailed planning revealed the main event, Hypoxia — a presentation which emphasized the usage of flag-based choreography and rifles.

“We wanted to do something independent,” junior Haley Schutt said. “We wanted our main piece to be a combination of everything. We did all the choreography, talked to other performance groups and put new costumes together.”

Spectators appreciated talent showcased at the performance.

“I really enjoyed it,” junior Bekah Lauer said. “It was very diverse. There was perfect division between each act. It was well-thought out and well-organized. I never realized how difficult it is to flip guns and flags.”

“We wanted to show people this is what color guard does,” O’Brien said.

Samantha Waight

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