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TKS talks with Homecoming alumni

Ben Hirby '93, Brian McKeough '93, Alexander Marshall '93, Doug Domerick '93, Lisa Harrison '93 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

Ben Hirby ’93, Brian McKeough ’93, Alexander Marshall ’93, Doug Domerick ’93, Lisa Harrison ’93 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

TKS Asks: What brings you back?

Tiffany Rahn '98 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

Tiffany Rahn ’98 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

Tiffany Rahn ’98: “This is the second time I’ve been back. The first time I came back was in 2003 when I was inducted into the hall of fame.  I’m sad that not a lot of my classmates aren’t back specifically, but it was a blast to play basketball last night [Friday]. I was the old woman out on the floor at the ripe age of 37.”

Duncan Rowles ’63: “Choir is one of the things that made me want to come back to reunions. It’s about the people that I sang with and interacted with for four years and shared a common interest: music.”

Duncan Rowles '63 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

Duncan Rowles ’63 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

Jan Hasper Wangaard ’63: “[My husband and I] met the first day of Freshman Orientation, so it’s special place for us. We’ve been back to all but one homecoming. It’s a good way to reconnect for us and for the people who’ve made it special for us.”

Chris Ternes ’01 and Frances Hackler ’03: “This is the second time we came for my five year and now for my 10 year. Meeting old friends is the highlight — catching up with people and seeing what they’ve been up to.”


TKS: What has changed?

Vida Cross '88 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

Vida Cross ’88 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

Vida Cross ’88: “It’s been 10 to 15 years since the last time I’ve been back. It’s my 25th reunion and I got a lot of emails about it. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have come back.  There used to be functions held by the departments instead of doing things by class. I liked the old way.”

Craig Wangaard ’63: “Knox is about the feeling of Knox, the education and the feeling within our class — it’s very special.  Back then, we had a homecoming parade. And it was very dressed up — the alumni coming up wore coats and hats.”

Craig Wangaard '63 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

Craig Wangaard ’63 (Brittanie Corner/TKS)

Ben Hirby ’93, Doug Domenick ’93, McKeough and Alexander Marshall ’93: “A lot has changed, but a lot hasn’t changed. There’s more landscaping. It smells very similar — it’s very olfactory. The cafeteria still smells like tater-tots.”


TKS: What’s one of your favorite Knox memories?

Ben Hirby ’93: “I redesigned The Knox Student. We moved it from wax paste up to desktop publishing.”

Lisa Harrison ’93: “I rescued a squirrel who was stuck in a peanut butter jar on Post hill that was rolling in the snow down the hill.”

Ben Hirby ’93, Doug Domenick ’93, McKeough and Alexander Marshall ’93: “Three of us rented an RV and drove down here.”

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