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Art on 3rdsdays hoping to ‘keep downtown vibrant’

This past Thursday, Feb. 20, marked the third monthly Art on 3rdsdays held in downtown Galesburg. The event, held every third Thursday, includes exhibits of local artists as well as snacks and activities from 6—8 p.m. in 19 studios and restaurants throughout the downtown area. This event is perfect for Knox students looking for activities off campus and a great way to engage the Galesburg community, specifically the art outlet.

The event was created by Carla Markwart, owner of the Cherry Street Gallery and wife of Tom Foley, owner of Foley Photo Studio.

“I’ve always thought we should have a studio walk,” Carla said of her inspiration for the event. Discussing the possibilities and logistics, Foley and Markwart chose Thursday hoping to coincide with jazz night at Mcgillicuddy’s.

“We’ll just start it and see who wants to join in,” said Carla on their first attempt at making the event. It worked quite well, almost doubling the number of participants each month. Carla says she hopes to continue to increase the number of local artists who would like to contribute, often sharing her basement studio with other artists, including Knox artists.

Being a member of the downtown council, Carla stresses her purpose for “keeping downtown vibrant,” focusing on and utilizing the businesses of the downtown area.

The event includes many frequented spots of Knox students, such as the Beanhive coffee shop, Galesburg Civic Art Center, Q’s Café, Chez Willy’s and baked. This event is a wonderful reason for students to venture off campus for an evening to socialize and appreciate the talented local artists we have in Galesburg. Restaurants feature new local artists who do not have galleries of their own every two months. Visiting Assistant Professor of Art Tim Stedman created the eye-catching logo for event posters.

The art displayed varies from abstract paintings, to vibrant photography, to bronze, aluminum and steel sculptures of alligator heads.

As the weather permits, Carla hopes to see artists move outside with more activities for children to enjoy.

Whether an art major or not, it is a worthwhile event for everyone to attend. The event will next be held on March 20.

Sam Watkins

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