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College to change cable package

The school will make the transition from analog to digital cable this June, saving thousands of dollars and giving students more channel options, although students with older televisions may be forced to buy a converter box in order to keep watching.

This decision comes after a long debate over the school’s cable package. Though the school considered switching its provider to Comcast, the decision was ultimately made to stick with DirectTV Campus Televideo, their current provider.

Comcast would have been thousands of dollars cheaper, but it would have given students fewer channel options.

According to Associate Chief Information Officer Steve Jones, keeping DirectTV allows the campus to both move to a fully digital system as well as add 18 more channels. This will also include the loss of three channels (MTVU, ESPN Classics and KGWB-CW).

This digital cable also will give students the opportunity to view shows in high definition, assuming that their televisions are HD-capable

This new system will cut costs by a few thousand dollars.

The new package is compatible with newer televisions that have what is known as a QAM tuner; however, some older models may require converters to function with the new system.

Vice President and Chief Information Officer of ITS Steve Hall advised students in a campus-wide email that there are some basic rules of thumb to tell if your TV will continue to work after the switchover.

Nearly all flat panel televisions have a digital tuner and should work, while those with picture tubes have analog tuners and thus will probably not work.

There are exceptions to both rules and students are advised to check with the manufacturer of their televisions.

The complete list of new channels:

Al Jazeera

Audience Network

BBC America

Biography Channel


CNBC World

Cooking Channel

Destination America

Discovery Fitness and Health

Disney Channel

Disney Junior Channel

Fox Sports 1

Fox Sports 2

Golf H2

Hallmark Channel

Link TV

Major League Baseball

National Georgraphic World


Sportsman Channel

Turner Classic Movies

TV One


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May 06, 2014

Al-Jazeera is FUCKING AWESOME I’m so glad we’ll have it

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