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Student crews assemble short films in 48 hours

The 48-Hour Film Festival, hosted by the Knox Film Club, started last Friday, May 16 at 4 p.m, and ended on Sunday, May 18 at 4 p.m. In this limited amount of time, groups of students wrote, shot and edited short films according to three guidelines.

These guidelines, chosen by Professor of English Rob Smith, were sent out on Friday afternoon. Students were required to include the following in their film: A small round hand mirror, the Edgar Allen Poe quote “All that we see or seem is but a dream” and a close up shot of an eye. The only other requirement was that the film be under seven minutes.

Knox has hosted 48-hour film festivals before, but even for veteran filmmakers, the deadline was a challenge.

“I think the hardest part is editing it together, I think that’s always the hardest part … the funnest part is coming up with the ideas,” said Film Club President and freshman Sofie Drummond-Moore.

Drummond-Moore and sophomore group member Sammie Zimay’s film is entitled “Hurt Me Better.” According to Drummond-Moore, “It follows a girl through a surreal night of re-occurring self-destruction.”

For sophomores Caleb Fridell, Micah Snow-Cobb and freshman Tristan Yi’s group, creating the perfect shots for their film was a challenge, but also a necessity.

“With a short film like this, you want to make it very aesthetically pleasing,” Snow-Cobb said.

Even with short films, the process can become tedious.

“We did this one shot in the Gizmo, and it didn’t pick up our voices, so we had to go back and record over it … we had to do it four or five times,” Snow-Cobb said.

Fridell’s film “Break-Up” questions what reality is, what dreams are and how the two intersect. It follows a realist and a dreamer, played by Snow-Cobb and Yi, into their very different worlds.

Sophomores Casey Mendoza, Carly Taylor, Holden Meier, Karli Shields and junior Robert Turski created a film entitled  “Everyday.” It follows a young woman who’s always been in the background, watching the people around her move through their lives.

The group created a film for the festival last year, and found ease in working with each other again.

“We have our own mini production company, so we all go into our assigned roles we’ve always had,” Mendoza said.

However, the process still required much effort on all ends. According to Mendoza, the group spent up to 11 hours creating a script, filming and editing.

“Writing the screenplay with those three things in mind was very difficult, specifically the quote,” she said.

For many film groups, all the hard work will pay off at the final screening, where students will have the opportunity to watch their final products and see what their fellow filmmakers have created.

“I’m really excited about all the other films … It’s cool to have three specific things, like props, lines and shots to see how other people will interpret it,” Yi said.

The 48-Hour Film Festival final screening will take place this Sunday, May 25 at 2 p.m. in the Round Room, and is open to the Knox campus.

Smith and Visiting Instructor in English and Theatre Sherwood Kiraly, among others, will judge the films and hand out awards to the best compositions.

Editors’ note: Casey Mendoza is a Photo Editor for The Knox Student.

Celina Dietzel

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