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Procrastination Station: Websites for summer surfing

Summer is creeping up on us, which means that you won’t be hearing from me for a while. Thankfully, procrastination blogs and resources are available for you all year!

There are thousands of apps and websites out there for you to discover, and I have the tools to help you find them.


I’ve mentioned Lifehacker before, and for good reason. Lifehacker is the ultimate blog for gadget and app news. The blog is informative, accessible and useful. Along with gadget and app news, Lifehacker also publishes series on finding jobs, productivity and political news that pertains to technology and the internet.

A personal favorite series is “This Week’s Top Downloads,” which is released every Saturday, and aggregates the most popular apps and website posts from the week.

iOS Pick of the Week

This website comes in the form of a Pinterest board, showcasing apps, books, movies, songs, etc. that are either new or free to download.

All the books, movies, TV episodes and songs are available for every user, but apps are usually exclusive to users of iOS products (apologies to non-Apple users).

Reddit—Reddit subreddits

AppHookup, IndieMarket and InternetIsBeautiful feature apps, games and websites that are perfect for wasting time.

AppHookup specifically updates users on apps that are temporarily available for free. This is where I first discovered A Dark Room and other apps like Incredibooth and Thinglist (both of which happen to be free for a limited time).

IndieMarket is where app developers showcase their work to the public. It’s great for non-developers to check out newly released independent apps.

InternetIsBeautiful, one of the most popular subreddits on the site, features nifty and clever websites. Going to the top posts of all time (located in the top bar of the page) will supply an endless feed of procrastination sites.


Brit+Co is by far one of my favorite lifestyle blogs. It delivers news about apps and websites, among other things. Like popular procrastination site Buzzfeed, Brit+Co delivers content in simple image-focused blog posts with headlines like “27 Ways to Upcycle Yoga Mats” or “How to Turn Cement Blocks into Classy Furniture.” The site caters to the fashion-forward, DIY enthusiastic and app obsessed.

A personal favorite section is the “Tech” category, which reviews new gadgets, apps and websites.

iOS App Store/ Android Marketplace/ Etc.

This may or may not surprise you, but I religiously check the iOS App Store “Featured” section every Thursday evening to check all the new apps and “Free App of the Week”.

Checking the app store will also carry app recommendations based on your own personal needs. The iOS app store, for example, regularly features “Essential Gaming” apps or “Apps for the Weekend.” The Google Play store will similarly feature “Cooking Companions” or “Learning Tools” for users to sift through.


While not a website or blog, Starbucks features their own “App of the Week” promotions in all of their stores. Head to the front counter of the store and look for a pile of cards with an iOS app logo on the front. This card provides codes for paid apps, so you can download them for free!

Casey Mendoza
Casey Mendoza is a senior majoring in political science and double minoring in philosophy and Chinese. This is her fourth year working at The Knox Student, previously as a photographer and photo editor. Casey is the recipient of two awards from the Illinois College Press Association for photo essays. During the summer of 2014, Casey also worked as a photography intern for the Galesburg Register-Mail, covering local community events and working alongside award-winning reporters and photojournalists. During the winter and spring of 2015, Casey studied journalism and new media in Washington DC, learning more about the world's political arena, networking and gaining a greater understanding of the field. There, she worked as a Production Assistant at a documentary film company, The Biscuit Factory. During the summer of 2015, Casey will help produce a documentary on airline reservation technology for the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

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