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Title IX Sexual Assault Cases Resolved in Academic Year 2013-14

In academic year 2013-14, the College received 20 reports of student-on-student sexual assaults: 16 of those were for incidents occurring during that academic year; four were for incidents that occurred in prior years but were reported in 2013-14. This is the total number of reported incidents, some individuals may have been found responsible or accepted responsibility for a violation of College policy in more than one incident.

Of the 16 reported incidents that occurred in 2013-14:


• The respondent accepted responsibility for a violation of College policy in four reported incidents, resulting in four suspensions and one to two terms

•A grievance hearing was convened for nine reported incidents:

-Five cases resulted in a finding of responsibility for a violation of College policy, resulting in three suspensions of one to two terms each, and two dismissals with no possibility of readmission.

• Four cases resulted in a finding of that the preponderance of the evidence did not support a finding that the respondent violated College policy.

• In three of the four remaining cases, the report was anonymous, the complainant resulted confidentiality, and/or the complainant requested that no further action take place.

• In the one other remaining case, the respondent, who was not a Knox student, was banned from campus.


Of the four reported incidents that occurred prior to 2013-14:

• A grievance panel was convened in one case and made a finding of non-responsibility for a violation of College policy.

• The complainant requested confidentiality and/or no further action in one case.

• In two cases the respondent had left the College but was banned from campus and from re-enrollment.


Editor’s Note: This information was provided by Title IX Coordinator Kim Schrader and printed verbatim at her request.

TKS Staff

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