Campus / News / February 24, 2015

Study space opens in CFA

Dean of the College Laura Behling announced in a campus-wide email Tuesday morning that a new study space is now open in the Ford Center for Fine Arts.

Because the Admission Office has moved to Alumni Hall, the college has been able to repurpose some of the space it left behind. There are new “technology-equipped commons,” just inside the building when it is entered from the west side. It is located where the Admission Office reception area formerly was.

Behling said that the new room is equipped with computers, desks and a television for projection. It also houses a Xerox device where students can print, scan and copy documents.

The room is open during the hours that the CFA is open — from 8 a.m. to midnight. The room will not be locked overnight and will remain open to students authorized to be in the building after hours. Students should not to contact Campus Safety for access to the building after hours.

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