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Healthy eating habits

Most Knox students eat their daily food at the cafeteria and the Gizmo. Sometimes, the cafeteria has great foods that most students love to eat. Sometimes though, the cafeteria has no tasty foods so many students feel disappointed about the low quality of food. While some people say that the cafeteria’s foods are good and diverse, others say that the cafeteria’s food is low quality and so they chose to cook foods by themselves in their off-campus apartments. Because everyone has different time schedules and lifestyles, we may well find it difficult to socialize with others and stay healthy at Knox with all our time constraints.

Personally, since I came to Knox last September, 2014, I have been on cycles of sickness due to a digestion problem stemming from stress and schedule management. One day in September, I was really sick with a high fever and bad cold because of weather fluctuations. I had to get one shot from the Health Center which ended up costing $130. I promised myself then that I would not get sick again. However, because of extreme levels of stress from time management, I have been in big trouble by eating the wrong foods from the cafeteria and the Gizmo. The only foods I have been able to eat were cereals, granola bars, and yogurts, which are easy to digest. I couldn’t even eat tofu or similar soft and healthy foods in the cafeteria. Eating foods properly and regularly has been one of the biggest troubles for me in my attempt to stay healthy at Knox.

In order to cure my digestion disorder, I made two principles for my life at Knox: trying to enjoy any challenges that my diet presents and attempting to eat healthy foods on a daily basis. In order to enjoy the challenge of maintaining my special diet, I usually imagine happy and encouraging memories whenever I feel discouraged and whenever the world makes me feel down. For example, when I found my favorite sweet potato chips in an organic store, that became my happy memory which affects my day later on. Meeting good friends who motivate me to stay positive and enjoy the little dietary victories help me to reduce my stress as well.

In order to eat healthy foods regularly, I made a weekly eating habit. This regiment includes five days of vegetables and cereal and two days of delicious foods, meaning I can go with whatever I want to eat. In order to digest foods normally, I tried to keep up with working out in the gym at least once a week. Finding time to workout is important to maintaining healthy digestion. Since I have no time to have a regular exercising time while dealing with homework, I usually try to go to the gym on weekends. These two mindsets help me to eat healthy foods better.

Likewise, Knox students might have had troublesome experiences like I had during my terms at Knox. Making dietary/well-being plans and experimenting on your own will help you decide what strategies are effective and which are not. If those plans are effective and allow you to improve your well-being at Knox, you should try to keep up the plans continually. If those plans aren’t effective, you should try to apply new plans for staying healthy at Knox. I really hope that everyone at Knox gets through stressful difficulties for staying healthy in their well-being lifestyles.

Josh Ji

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