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Only seven percent of students have completed Haven

Only 7 percent of students have completed Haven, the newly launched online program that aims to educate students about issues including sexual assault, assault, stalking and understanding how to respond in such situations.

When asked about the program, Staff Counselor Allison Schieferle Uhlenbrock said that she, along with several campus faculty and staff, tested out the program before bringing it to campus.

“We were looking for bystander intervention programs to bring to Knox,” Uhlenbrock said. “We completed Haven as well as several other bystander intervention products. Haven and one other product were brought to campus and students were invited to try both programs and offer quantitative and qualitative feedback on their experience.”

Just over 100 Knox students have participated in Haven. When asked why they didn’t try the course, several students cited reasons from being too busy, uncertainty about the program’s ability to succeed or thinking that the program had nothing to offer.

Students who have participated in the program have had a variety of responses to it.

Sophomore Edward Lehar said that he felt that the scenarios were overly dramatic, and that they did not accurately reflect violence in relationships. He suggested that the scenarios should be less obvious and add more emphasis on what steps to take in order to help those in need to better the program.

“I took the Haven course because I wanted to better understand how to react if I saw something, and recognize what I am seeing. And it didn’t help with any of that,” he said.

Junior Ned Babbott was pleased that the program focused on more than sexual assault.

“I was pleased to discover that it was more than that. It was like abusive relationships, and other issues that people face in relationships,” Babbott said.

He recommends that all students try the program.

Students are encouraged to try Haven and give feedback at the debriefs being held on May 21 at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. If a student brings a copy of their completion certificate, they will be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Amtrak voucher.

Bookstore gift cards are also being awarded for students who show that they participated in the program by sharing the hashtag #HavenAtKnox on social media.

Sarah McCurley

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