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New co-Editor-in-chief discusses goals for next academic year

I started at The Knox Student with an Olympus E-PL1, a dinky little DSLR that took half-decent photos. When the camera first debuted in 2010, it was one of the best in its category, taking sharp photos in bright daylight, grainy but clear ones in lowlight and HD videos in 720p.

Today, the Olympus E-PL1 is on par with most smartphones.

Technology has evolved to improve the quality and accessibility of multimedia tools, and I learned from my time in DC that journalists are using this to their advantage.

Photos and videos, whether they’re taken on DSLRs or smartphones, look better than ever before. Mobile apps Periscope and Meerkat have simplified livestreaming video. Major news media outlets are not only on Twitter and Facebook, but Instagram, Vine and Snapchat.

As Co-Editor-In-Chief, I’m going to work to utilize these new tools to tell stories in new ways and better engage with the community.

Expect to see this paper on all forms of social media, and look forward to seeing more photo galleries and videos accompanying our award-winning coverage. Aside from that, important campus events and lectures will be livestreamed and recorded for future analysis, and alongside the paper, our staff will also work on producing short-form documentaries and multimedia projects.

This doesn’t mean our content will be different. Our writers and photographers will continue producing strong investigative pieces, and our standards for content won’t be forgotten as we take on our digital initiatives. But the mediums by which we produce our work will expand and evolve.

We hope to interact and engage more with the campus community next year, both digitally and in real life. This is a promise that has been made every year since I’ve been on staff, but next year, we’re going to push our staff harder to make sure our presence is felt.

Casey Mendoza
Casey Mendoza is a senior majoring in political science and double minoring in philosophy and Chinese. This is her fourth year working at The Knox Student, previously as a photographer and photo editor. Casey is the recipient of two awards from the Illinois College Press Association for photo essays. During the summer of 2014, Casey also worked as a photography intern for the Galesburg Register-Mail, covering local community events and working alongside award-winning reporters and photojournalists. During the winter and spring of 2015, Casey studied journalism and new media in Washington DC, learning more about the world's political arena, networking and gaining a greater understanding of the field. There, she worked as a Production Assistant at a documentary film company, The Biscuit Factory. During the summer of 2015, Casey will help produce a documentary on airline reservation technology for the Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC).

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